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image memento mori: dogs at the end of their lives

warning: Don’t read this if your day is not going well. What follows is haunting and upsetting to look at.

Photographer Yun-Fei Tou photographed dogs about to be put down at shelters in Taiwan. The first portrait shows one who was euthanized only a couple minutes after the photo was taken. Tou writes that the series is meant to raise public awareness to the plight of these animals and the myriad like them. Their bodies show the neglect which they experienced. Their eyes, those eyes, they show such dignity and resignation.



image say ello?

Social media = Facebook.

It’s a simple formula that’s true. Facebook irks me because of the blatant monetization of our every thought and keystroke: in exchange we get an inelegant, badly-designed interface and exasperating privacy settings. And yet, everyone uses it.  Google+ is the best alternative but, for the time being, it seems to be used for specific topics or projects, not the amorphous free-association stream of consciousness we all do on Facebook.

Now there’s a new kid in town,, It bubbled up in the news a few weeks ago during Facebook’s ill-advised feud with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and other drag queens.  (It turns out that, as of this weekend, Facebook is still deactivating drag queen-named accounts.) Ello is still in beta and invitation-only, so it takes a little sleuthing to get hooked up with an invitation code.This is their “manifesto”: More…

image midway in life’s journey…

Inferno. Purgatorio, Paradiso. These are Dante’s Divine Comedy. “Midway in life’s journey…” The opening cantos send a chill with each rereading. Whether you’re new to or a veteran of the Commedia, here’s a chance to go through the the three books plus La Vita Nuovo in what looks to be a wonderful immersive online environment. More…

a relaunch

…and we’re back

It’s been 16 years since was registered as a domain. The original idea was to keep our email away from commercial servers; a decision which, over time, has made more and more sense in terms of security and privacy. Writing html was interesting to me so I started a little website. When the structure got complex I switched over to the blog format.

The name chaosweb doesn’t mean anything in particular. I wish I could come up with a catchy slug for it but the truth is chaosweb has my name in it.

What you’ll find here are things that I find interesting, entertaining, or useful. Hopefully you will as well. Among other things, I usually write about food, travel, gardening, geekery, chicken-wrangling, and photography.

If you’re looking for the old site’s features on travel in Southeast Asia or around the world, those will come back as I integrate them into the new structure.

Thanks for coming by.