chaosweb email setup changes

August 2017


In the account settings of your email program, make the following changes:

· Incoming mail server (IMAP):

· Outgoing mail server (SMTP):

It probably has “” or “” in those fields now.

If you see options for type of encryption, choose SSL or Auto. If you see options for port numbers use these:

· IMAP: port 993

· SMTP: port 465

If you see a field for the root folder path, enter INBOX.

You may get a “certificate domain mismatch” error. It’s safe to accept the certificate for “*”. It make take 2 or 3 times for the choice to stick.

You may see a temporary increase of spam for a day or two.



Why the change? Chaosweb, including your email, has moved to a new hosting company. I will start moving your mail Sunday evening, when traffic is normally lower.

You should receive a text from me with your password (which may have changed because of new requirements) and a link to these instructions Sunday afternoon.

If you think you are missing some email Monday afternoon, please let me know.

You should make the following changes in your email program setup:

Both the incoming (IMAP or POP) and outgoing (SMTP) server:

If in doubt, use IMAP (= all the mail on all the devices). POP means you can see your email on only one device. Here are the ports to use (your email program might have different default values, in which case you’ll have to enter them manually). You should always use secure ports if possible.


IMAP | Port 993 (secure port)

IMAP | Port 143 (not a secure port)

POP3 | Port 995 (secure port)

POP3 | Port 110 (not a secure port)


SMTP | Port 465 (secure port)
SMTP | Port 587 (not a secure port)
SMTP | Port 25 (username/password authentication MUST also be enabled!)

Here are instructions for specific email clients:

· Iphone

· Android

· MacOS

· Outlook 2013

· Thunderbird


Webmail is always available in your browser at this address: Enter your full address and password to use it. You may get a “SSL Certificate mismatch” message. That’s okay, you can hit accept.

If that web address doesn’t work, there are options:,,


Passwords have to be at least 8 characters long. You can message me your choice of a new one and I’ll make the change. Another choice is to use webmail: under Settings, there will be a place to choose a password.


This hosting provider is a little different. They may move mail from the Inbox folder (no other folders need worry) when one of these happens:

· more than 2,000 messages in the Inbox folder

· messages more than 9,999 in the Inbox folder

· the Inbox folder is over 2GB

If any of those do occur, some mail could be moved to a folder called “old-messages”. The system should email you a notification of this happening. It will then be very important that your email program is subscribed to the “old-messages” folder.

There is a 40MB limit on outgoing emails (including attachments).