Singapore–arrival & eating

15 hours and 10,000 miles later, we found ourselves at Singapore’s Changi Airport. A touch of home, we’ll see chickens everywhere since Chinese New Year is imminent, the Year of the Rooster.


The airport is a marvel of efficiency where their goal is to get you out of the airport within 30 minutes, regardless of your origin.

Although it would last but a day, it was great to see Google Fi phone service was working and at the same rates as home.

Naumi Liora

We had been here before and gotten fond of our hotel, the Naumi Liora. It’s built into a row of shophouses on the edge of Chinatown. (By the way Chinatown isn’t a historically Chinese enclave.)


flying to Singapore

6 am. One last minute in the house. With luck we’ll be arriving the next day at 6.30pm. BART goes straight to the airport so no commute traffic to deal with today.

Check-in was painless. It seemed we missed the crowd, but came in at the same time as the flight crew.



Here we go again – take 2

Waylaid by a broken foot last year, we’re off for another try at Singapore, Myanmar and Thailand. Myanmar (Burma) has been on the bucket list for a long, long time. Thailand is one of our favorite places to be. And Singapore is a great layover to use to beat jetlag, plus they have 20 locations of Din Tai Fung for that xiao long bao fix.  Can’t wait for this adventure to begin.

Farewell friend

There has been plenty going on around here, chicken-wise and not, but today we say goodbye to Amanda. She was an easter-egger and at six years old, the most senior chicken we’ve had. She was sweet, easily picked up, happy to sit on a lap and always demanding “rooster attention”. This spring we’ve been surprised by how many eggs she’s laid (a lot). Amanda was the top of the pecking order, a firm and wise leader. The girls come into the yard from the run every afternoon and, shortly after stretching her legs a bit, she went back in the henhouse where she seems to have passed peacefully.

another new chick

We drove through deluge today to pick up our second chick for the year. That’s her up above, a Blue Laced Red Wyandotte. This isn’t a standard breed yet so chickens very different from each other can all be called Blue Laced Red Wyandotte.s Here’s a beautiful example of what they can be:

That’s a long way from the 1.10 oz fluff ball we brought home today:

DSC_0135 - Copy

Meanwhile our White Rock is a tiny bit bigger and showing nascent wing feathers:


At first Queenie (that’s the White Rock) was just a pill with Madison (the Wyandotte) because she hadn’t done any socializing since Wednesday. Madison wanted nothing more than to nap after the stress of the car ride. If you’ve checked into the web cam, you’ll have seen Queenie picking at Madison’s beak and feet. After another hour and more naps, they seem to be doing just fine.