a relaunch

…and we’re back

It’s been 16 years since chaosweb.net was registered as a domain. The original idea was to keep our email away from commercial servers; a decision which, over time, has made more and more sense in terms of security and privacy. Writing html was interesting to me so I started a little website. When the structure got complex I switched over to the blog format.

The name chaosweb doesn’t mean anything in particular. I wish I could come up with a catchy slug for it but the truth is chaosweb has my name in it.

What you’ll find here are things that I find interesting, entertaining, or useful. Hopefully you will as well. Among other things, I usually write about food, travel, gardening, geekery, chicken-wrangling, and photography.

If you’re looking for the old site’s features on travel in Southeast Asia or around the world, those will come back as I integrate them into the new structure.

Thanks for coming by.

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