the Airstream – how it turned out

We finally had a good chunk of time to finish work on the Airstream and can now get on with the rest of our summer. To catch you up, Tom had been looking for an Airstream for years to fix up. He found this 1962 Globe Trotter in March. The plan is to leave it in the yard (forever) as a yard decoration/cabana/guest house.

Here’s how things have turned out so far:



Tom has the exterior pretty shiny now and the shelter he built should get the trailer through rainy weather.


These are the interior views. Amazingly, it does have a stove, oven, refrigerator, commode, sinks and a shower (none of which we have hooked up yet.)

Tom still has to decide what to do about the floor and walls so textiles were an important part of changing the interior for now. Clockwise from the upper left: “beach boys”, “las senoritas”, “the outdoorsey type”, and the bench fabrics which luckily made the others talk with each other. By the way both benches pull out to 2-person sleepers.

window fabric

window fabric
the outdoorsey type

bench fabric

It’s been quite a trip without actually going anywhere. How things stood a few months ago:

99-Before exterior 99-Before interior

How they are now: