the new searzall

Last year I took part in a successful Kickstarter campaign to get a cooking gadget called the Searzall manufactured. Today, it finally arrived in the mail. Couldn’t be more excited. I posted a clip to YouTube which you can see above.

You can see that it gets hot, but how hot? About 500°-600° Fahrenheit. If you’ve ever used a propane torch on food, you might have noticed a fuel flavor. None of that here. There’s some technical stuff about why on the project’s original Kickstarter page.

Tonight we were roasting a duck on the grill and the Searzall did a wonderful job at the end rendering out the last of the fat and crisping up the skin.

roast duckThe obvious thing now is to sous-vide some meat and finish it off with the Searzall. I have a feeling it’s going to be delicious!

(Unfortunately there aren’t any of these available to the public right now. They have to get the units they have out to backers first. If you’re interested keep  an on the Booker and Dax website: they’re the ones who are making the Searzall. If you’re really super-interested, create a Google Alert for yourself.)


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